Globalization and integration are catchwords currently being used in the public debate to equate the changes in the financing business

Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank, as a financial partner, is committed to create solutions for its clients in the face of changing credit market environments. PSS focuses on the intelligent integration of traditional credit facilities and innovative financing methods. Ingenious financing concepts that take into consideration both the domestic and the international aspects of credit (including risk, risk minimization, taxes, maturities and interest formation) are more and more in demand.

Aims of PSS’s Financing Group within a Dynamic, Market-driven Environment:

  • To provide our clients with the best and most innovative financing and risk management solutions across the full product spectrum, including equity, debt and derivatives.
  • To work closely with corporate clients, pension funds, financial sponsors and governments to structure and execute some of the largest and most complex financing and risk management transactions.
  • To operate in close cooperation with other areas of investment banking and other divisions within the firm to ensure quality services for our clients.

Innovative Finance

Four investment banking professionals offer specialized financial advice to our diverse client list, arrange innovative financing solutions and enhance the global network of client relations which are key to our businesses.

Meticulously working together with member advisors and specialists, PSS develops individual and innovative financing concepts as we recognize that innovative financing plays a critical role in promoting efficiencies in investments and addressing funding gaps for foreign assistance. These are more important than ever given the challenging fiscal climate. Depending on your needs, we take various balance sheet, interest and tax optimization measures into account while capital structure, liquidity and financing costs, along with liability, interest and currency risks, are also taken into consideration. In PSS, we continue to develop structure and launch new products and lead first-of-a-kind transactions in pursuit of ever-greater returns for our clients and ourselves.

Run along with the tools of today’s credit business characterized by financing innovations

Optimization of traditional credit financing

inclusion of public subsidy programs, fixed-rate instruments and financing within consortium of banks

Balance sheet optimizing off-balance sheet financing

asset-backed securitization, reverse repurchase agreements, factoring, forfeiting and easing

Capital market financing

bonds, investments, admission to listing, and mergers and acquisitions

Traditional Finance

Effortlessly achieve your awaited business credit as PSS made traditional finance reach the highest level of flexibility and extensiveness just to meet your financing requirements. Ultimately, you, as a member, will have full control on which type of financing methods will be used. PSS offers traditional trade finance products, including the issuance of letters of credit, lines of credit for open account trade finance, the issuance of contract guarantees and performance bonds.

Credits and Loans

PSS accords loans in all maturities from overdraft facilities and short-term fixed-rate credit to medium- or long-term development loans. PSS also caters to investment projects as they offer amortization loans with fixed repayment rates, annuity loans with low initial payments or bullet loans with credit maturities of a maximum 30 years and fixed interest rates for up to 10 years.


Guarantee or surety is a common finance instrument wherein someone would assume the responsibility for the debt obligation in cases of default. For this situation, PSS can provide guarantees in the form of contract fulfillments, tender bonds, advance guarantees or performance bonds in both domestic and foreign form.

Fixed Interest

During volatile markets characterized by rapid changes of interest structures, PSS can provide you with fixed rate protection through fixed-rate agreements or by the use of interest rate derivates such as caps and swaps, among others.

Special Loans

The other aspects of financing are more important than interest optimization — like the setting of individual repayment structures and the consideration of temporal and structural flexibility. In response to this importance, PSS structurally combined the use of classical financing elements like long-term loans with subsidy funding and derivatives. This intelligent solution can lead to securing an attractive, long-term interest rate and simultaneous participation in future interest rate reductions. Further, liquidity optimizing configuration of the loan service to achieve a customer-individualized repayment structure could be achieved.

In PSS’s Special Loans, we provide a focus of excellence for the origination, structuring, execution and distribution of all types of loans. Product capabilities include coverage of a variety of specialist industry sectors, and our expertise spans corporate, financial sponsors, project finance, and financial institutions in many different jurisdictions, laws and languages.

Capital Market Financing

Over the past few years, modern financing products have become increasingly diversified and now range from structured loans through floating. The motivations behind these are equally diverse, including the need to finance a takeover bid, raise equity capital or other complex projects.PSS’s specialists are on hand to provide comprehensive support and advice with the aim of putting together a financing mix to suit the needs of your business. Enjoy all the benefits of a strong investment banking partner since PSS:

  • offers expert, all-round support in the areas of risk management and innovative financing solutions
  • is a top provider of corporate finance solutions, equity derivatives and securities financing
  • is a recognized partner for fixed-interest securities, currency rates, stocks and commodity trading
  • offers extensive experience in debt and equity capital markets

PSS encourages the development of the capital market as well as the financial sectors; for in this way, the mobilization of foreign and domestic capital to productive sectors would be facilitated. Our specialized products and capabilities, capital market solutions, distribution, and strategic and tactical consultation offer you a spectrum of financing options. The spectrum ranges from corporate bond issues to the generation of equity capital for share listings. Competent advice for planned business purchases and sales is being sought-after more and more often from advisors in our Mergers and Acquisitions department.