Interest & Currency

As a leading player in foreign exchange, and being an internationally-recognized market maker, Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank guarantees fair market exchange rates.

Foreign exchange specialists of PSS are thoroughly trained and are available to assist you with all spot, forward and options transactions. In addition, with the help of Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Forex (PSS FOREX), you can easily conduct your foreign exchange business over the internet.

PSS offers full capabilities from idea generation and origination to structuring and execution. With competitive quotes, prompt pricing and confidential trade execution services, clients can implement:

  • Fair value hedges, including fixed/float single and cross-currency swaps, float/float cross-currency basis swaps and option monetization
  • Cash flow hedges, including float/fixed, single and cross-currency swaps, basis swaps, caps, floors and collars
  • Pre-issuance hedges, including treasury locks, forward starting swaps, and swap options
  • Net investment hedging, including fixed/fixed and float/float cross-currency swaps

Interest Rate Management

Managing the risk from interest rate fluctuations is significant since its movement can substantially affect the company’s income. Our Treasury Center manages its residual open interest rate exposures, taking advantage of any offsets that arise between positions from different sources, within its approved market risk limits. The preferred risk management instrument is interest rate swaps, for which there is a liquid and flexible market.

This service enables the clients to minimize interest rate risks and exploit opportunities to reduce interest expenses. This service would benefit you whether you aim for a safeguard against falling or rising interest rates to reassess any previous financing decisions in light of a change in market conditions or generate additional interest income.

  • Integral and customized solutions
  • Interest rate management, not speculation (there should always be an underlying transaction)
  • Thorough advice (i.e. we proceed with the transaction only when all your questions have been answered)
  • Active advice in the event of changes in market conditions or the company’s situation
  • Local support as your relationship manager is always close at hand

Currency Management

Allow acclaimed specialists of PSS to help you minimize exchange rate risks with solutions that are tailored to your specific needs as we specialize in the management of currency risk for clients worldwide. We provide s you carefully structured innovative solutions to manage risks from currency fluctuations.

The success of these products is underscored by our commitment to:

  • Customized Currency Programs
  • Operational excellence
  • Premium client service

Over the years, concepts and products that were used only by the largest corporations have been commercialized to be made available for individual persons. Further, the focus on single transactions and risk hedging that was the standard became broader in recent years to include portfolio analysis and optimization strategies. Anyone operating on the international markets knows that risk analysis, foreign exchange trading and currency management go hand-in-hand. In international trade, calculations for nearly every import or export transaction are directly influenced by exchange rate fluctuations.

Foreign Exchange Business

Our foreign exchange business is headed by PSS FOREX, wherein it recognizes that some investors prefer to actively manage the day-to-day transactions of their investment portfolio while relying on the guidance of a professional. Our Investment Brokerage business offers a personal relationship with experienced investment professionals that make recommendations based on your specific needs. We follow a step-by-step process to determine your objectives, identify the appropriate investment strategies and monitor the progress of your portfolio.

Our Process

  • Understand your needs and goals
  • Analyze possible solutions and alternatives
  • Implement your desired strategies
  • Monitor investment performance
  • Adapt strategies to changing circumstances

PSS FOREX online trading system is comprised of spot, forward, swap and time option transactions. Using the functional arrangement of all trading-relevant information such as the rate ticker, you can conduct your trade with just a few clicks – quickly and easily over the internet. You can also call up an up-to-date overview of your transaction display within a few seconds.