Investment Options

Private Scandinavian Sparkasse has a comprehensive range of investment products and services that help you manage your investment. The wide range of investment options is proffered to your choice of investment as we analyze your needs and offer you a selection of venture profiles that vary according to your investment goals and risk tolerance. Our rigorous investment process is backed by a highly experienced pool of investment and trust practitioners all working together to deliver the investment goals of our clients.

With your chosen investment option, you can benefit from PSS with the following:

  • Seamless team support
  • Access to the short-term investment solutions
  • Access to the fixed income market
  • Comprehensive integrated solutions
  • Single point of contact
  • Trusted expertise and supervisions

Short-Term versus Long-Term Goals

You may have a mixture of short, medium and long-term goals. As investments vary in risk and return, you need to understand your goals and match your investments to these goals.

Investment SpanGoalsTypes of Products
  • Saving for a car
  • Overseas Trip
banking products, with no risk of losing any of your money over a short period
  • Saving for children’s education
  • Deposit for a house
products like growth assets, with more gains or loss over the longer term

Short-term Investment

For short-term investments, Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank allows its clients to access the money market funds. With the said funds, clients can have a floating investment as the invested amount within the minimum transaction volume which may increase or decrease on a daily basis. By means of the money market fund, clients may be able to limit the possible losses from credit, market and liquidity risks. PSS’s short-term investment program seeks to achieve liquidity and stable income derived from a diversified portfolio of primarily short-term fixed income instruments. It is suitable for investors with a moderately conservative risk profile and those with liquidity requirements.

Have an appetite for risk and ready for some quick investments? With rising interest rates, investors with surplus money have a plethora of opportunities to invest for short periods.

Investment SpanTypes of Products
Debt Instruments
  • Its return of capital is certain, making them a good options to invest in
  • It is for low risk investors wherein he can always avoid the volatility in the market and
    park money
  • It provides up to 10.5 percent returns before tax deduction
Mutual Funds
  • It has an investment horizon of more than a year with few exceptions while some has a maturity of one day to three months.
  • Its entry and exit loads act as barriers
  • It has an annualized return of 8-10 percent.
Fixed Maturity Plans
  • It has a dividend distribution tax that is applicable.
  • It is commonly close-ended products.
Equities / Derivatives / Commodities
  • It is for high-risk investors with financial expertise, who will be able to earn handsome returns in a short time.
  • derivatives and commodity trading have also become features of short term investments as deals can be squared soon.

All the above options are on the table keeping in mind a short investment cycle (6 months-1 year). Do not forget that the majority of short-term investments like equities have short-term capital gains tax associated with them.

Medium-term Investment

Instruments “available on call”, also called as “variable instruments”, and fixed interest rate are offered by Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank for those individuals who would want to have investment periods of one to three year (term investments).

Being your intermediary, PSS will give you the opportunity to gain full access to the money market fund as it is one of our investment options.

The money market fund is created to ensure capital protection and provide sufficient liquidity and at the same time maximize yields.

Further, with the help of the money market fund, clients could indulge themselves in this wealth of advantages:


Low Risk Investment

comprised of cash and near-cash investments

Safe Haven

safety investment during volatile market conditions

Cash Parking Facility

very liquid in nature

Easier Investing

managed by credible and leading investment professionals

Long-term Investment

Interested to hold cash deposits with at least 10 years of maturity? Worry no more. Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank presents numerous interesting long-term investment options for you.

To meet your long-term financial objectives, investing is a must. And, fortunately you have plenty of investment choices for long-term wealth creation. (Click contact form below to view long-term investment options) Yet you must be aware that most investments come with some risk attached, although the level may differ. But it is also true that revenue which are risky also have the potential to deliver better returns. For example, growth funds, which are equity-oriented funds, generally offer higher returns than other investments. So, based on your needs and risk appetite, choose a solution which will best suits your requirements.

At PSS, our financial advisors will recommend you investment solutions incorporating both high interest savings accounts and fixed term deposits into a long-term investment portfolio. This is especially beneficial when the laddering strategy is used to maximize the benefits of multiple term deposits simultaneously. The high-interest savings account would serve as a funding base for various fixed term deposits that would mature gradually, providing you with ongoing returns and constant access to the latest and greatest account terms.

Would you like more information about PSS’s long-term investments? No problem! Just talk to one of our relationship managers or investment specialists, or simply follow the options given in our contact form.