Investment Solutions

A Choice of Investment Solutions as Individual as You.

PSS takes pride in building a relationship that is focused on understanding your unique financial needs.

Through this personal relationship and our global network’s resources, expertise and international outlook, we can customize a range of investment solutions to help you successfully manage, preserve and increase your wealth.

How We Work with You?

Investment Management

  • Buying and Selling of Investment
  • Banking and Budgeting Duties
  • Trading Securities

Investment Consulting

  • Formulate Investment Strategies
  • Monitor Clients’ Investments
  • Work with Clients

Investment Services

  • Direct Correction
  • Hassle-free Information Provider
  • Convenient Transactions

Talk to us. Discover how our flexible and personalized investment solutions can help meet your unique financial objectives.

Investment Management

Our investment management process is continuously validated by the performance it delivers to our clients.

Taking into consideration the aspects of liquidity, security and yield, the professional investment management team will handle your money investments so that risks are minimized while all income opportunities are maximized. Specialists in Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank’s investment management team are in tight conjunction with product managers, analysts, economists and portfolio managers of the asset management divisions to strictly follow a structural advising approach.

Building a partnership with Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank will maximize your full potential, as PSS will certainly support you comprehensively.

As such, PSS will assist you to:

  • Identify opportunities and risks in the global money and capital markets;
  • Develop individual investment strategies for controlling yield, risk and liquidity within the given time horizon; and
  • Meet solutions in uncertainties as PSS offers innovative product solutions which are tailored-fit for your specific expectations and requirements.

Asset Liability Monitoring

Our comprehensive financial plan serves as a roadmap for reaching important financial goals.

From liquidity management of your planned payment transactions to extensive reporting with links to market data and economic information, you have everything under control without having to switch on any system or program.

Information Management

The treasury center module delivers to you all the general information you will need for efficient financial planning that includes your daily transaction statements along with your planning data. Market data, including currency and interest rate positions, are prepared daily so that exchange rate and price sensitive positions will always be evaluated on an actual basis.

Planning and Analysis Tools

The treasury center module provides an extensive planning and analysis instruments that make possible a value date-oriented daily financial position and exact-day liquidity planning. Investments are automatically updated with interest rates and currency exchange rates.

Liquidity Management Solution

The treasury center module supplies you with work tables based on your consolidated statements as a key tool for the management and control of your liquidity. The account information will be prepared according to value dates along with your individual plan data, providing you with a complete overview of your current and future liquidity status.

Interest Management

The treasury center financial module allows you to evaluate your interest and foreign currency business according to specific criteria. An overview of maturities at a specified point in time is also possible.

Loan Management

The treasury center module also provides management possibilities for borrowings and investments. The resulting flow of funds is taken into account during the planning, administration and review of your liquidity.

Cash Pooling

The treasury center module assists you to configure your account internal interest calculation more efficiently. Internal interest receivables, which arise as a result of automatic cash pooling of an account, can be promptly and accurately calculated and evaluated.

Internal Interest Calculation

The treasury center module helps you to pool the balance of all your accounts and individually determine the corresponding pooling parameter for each account You will automatically receive a pooling recommendation based on this pooling parameter – which, of course, you can amend – and the corresponding payment orders for your banks.


The treasury center module generates individual reports covering all relevant account activities, along with standard evaluations. This sensitive internal information can be coded and made available worldwide to all authorized recipients within the treasury center.


Our E-bank, a 24-hour direct connection, provides a roadmap for convenient online transactions.E-Bank is a standard electronic banking software that provides a comprehensive overview of your accounts. Anytime, E-Bank can provide you with a complete overview of your financial accounts at home and abroad.The collected account data is evaluated according to the criteria you will select. For liquidity planning, the program displays the relevant information in a list form or as a sequential chart, by individual account as required. An overview of the value-date balances on your various accounts gives you details of your daily liquidity position. In conjunction with your liquidity planning, therefore, you can create the basis for achieving the best possible interest-rate result.

Credit lines, interest received and interest payable, foreign-currency information and other planning data may be added via databases. In order to back up detailed interest-rate tables, you have an access to the most popular international calculation methods.

What can clients perform on E-Bank?

  • Check account balances
  • Keep track of account transactions
  • Make third-party payments
  • Transfer funds
  • Download transactions
  • Order chequebooks
  • Request stop payments

In recent times, banking transactions performed online have spread rapidly all over the globe. Our team is making greater use of E-Bank facilities to provide our clients better services and to excel in competition. The spread of electronic banking has also greatly benefited the ordinary customer in general, and the corporate world in particular.

Advantages of PSS’s E-Bank

  • Real-time Banking
  • Security
  • Unique Feature
  • Easy to Setup Account
  • Easy to Sign in


Our E-Info provides information on your investment with hassle-free and at no expense.

Wherever you are or whenever you want, PSS will provide you your account information electronically with a hassle-free medium, the Internet. By means of E-Info, the daily account information from near-time posted transactions provides you with an up-to-date liquidity overview.

What are the advantages of E-Info?

  • The most up-to-date account information for daily management can be called up via remote data transmission, several times daily.
  • Immediate processing capabilities in financial bookkeeping for fast and error-free accounting.
  • On-time automatic adjustment of all turnovers with debtor/creditor accounting.
  • Automatic check return control through a call-up list of previously cashes checks.
  • Automatic adjustment of open positions in financial bookkeeping through the separate compilation of credits and debits.
  • Up-to-date overview of international financial transactions from all your accounts, including foreign accounts.

It is very crucial for clients to know how to grow their investment. However, people often overlook the importance of monitoring investment growth and hence, most investors fail to make money. Since there is very little information on how to accurately monitor their investments, people fail to manage their investments.

With PSS’s E-Info, you can effectively track your financial growth. Through this, we provide you different investment choices, the review of changes as well as the profits are clearly listed on your account. All the agreements and investment engagements, as well as the capital profits and losses, are also clearly indicated. Instead of making your own investment portfolio to organize all the information about your investment, PSS supplies it to you.