PSS’s payment solutions ensure that our clients’ payments are effected accurately and on time.

Payments can be made electronically via a range of secure data transfer channels, or physically by means of cash, cheque or card.

No matter what payment method you use, may it be in a document form, data carrier or data transmission with electronic signature or even via internet, Private Scandinavian Sparkasse Investment Bank accepts and executes such payment transactions. Along with the domestic and international payment transactions, flexible payments (priority transfers) and mass payments, we also process card-based customer payment transactions for you.

PSS can generate cheques for single and bulk payments in high or low volumes. A bank generated cheque dramatically reduces the risks associated with the signing of handwritten cheques. Our corporate card facility provides a convenient payment method for all business expenses. Detailed statements ensure our clients to maintain control and keep track of their overheads, and simplify accounting and auditing processes.

Member’s Portal

For independent, decentralized and automated international payments, PSS is proud with its Members’ Portal module as it is considered to be the ideal professional tool for such transactions.

Covering all aspects from banking and personal insurance to investment and lifestyle, Member’s Portal is a valuable resource designed to save you both time and money.

Focusing on your particular priorities, we ensure you are put in touch with the relevant providers who will ensure that your specific requirements are met with a professional and personal service of bespoke solutions built around your current and future financial status.

Performance Scale of Member’s Portal

  • Individual signature authorizations
  • Data-upload for combined transfers
  • Approved technology
  • Up-to-date and historic account information
  • Payment transactions
  • Multilingualism


E-Payment is a payment instrument that contains monetary value that has been paid in advance by the user. Clients can use the E-Payment service to purchase goods and services from merchants. When clients pay using E-Payment, the amount will be automatically deducted from their balance.

The most apparent benefit of this mode of payment is the convenience it can offer to our clients. With electronic payments, all you have to do is input your account and shipping information and the transaction will be processed immediately. Payment of bills can be done easily without the usual long lines and hassles. Due to the automation of functions such as credit card processing and payment, electronic payments have lowered the cost of doing business.

In PSS, we employ systemically payment system typically processes high-value and time-critical payments. It is an essential payment system to ensure the smooth functioning of the economy, financial system and financial markets.


Eliminate the waste of time and extra expenses on printing and mailing your payment document through the use of Co-Transfer and send your payment orders directly by remote data transmission or data carrier to us. The data can be transferred immediately from your computer system. Thanks to Co-Transfer service, everything runs in paperless form, quickly and efficiently.

Inclusion of Computer Service Centers, No Problem!

You will benefit from Co-Transfer even if you have commissioned a computer service center to handle your payments:
PSS takes over payment files directly from your computer service center. All you need to do is send the signed dispatch note which you receive from your computer service center along with a list of the executed transactions.

Check Outsourcing Service

Check Outsourcing Services, a component of PSS’s Payment Solutions, provides customers with an efficient way to send electronic instructions for bulk issuance of paper instruments through or by bank. Both domestic and international paper instruments in locally cleared or foreign currencies are supported via the various payment types available. Instructions can also contain information pertaining to dispatch instructions for the physical instrument, as well as enriched payment details for sending beneficiaries as part of the COS payment advice, plus the advice to appropriate recipients of your choice via the advising engine.

The objectives of COS are to implement a paperless cheque clearing process, achieve a common day hold throughout the nation and increase the efficiency of the clearing and settlement process. Customers and businesses will benefit from the faster and more efficient cheque clearing system, especially in the timing of the availability of funds from the deposit of outstation cheques.

Key Check Outsourcing Advantages

  • Security

    Maintain control of your financial document process by directly submitting, managing and reviewing all payments. Encryption is used when data is transmitted and/or archived.

  • Web-based Control

    Stay in control of the entire process through a web-based interface that is easy to use, and gives you the ability to submit payments, track payments, verify results, manage problems, and generate reports.

  • Cost Reduction

    Avoid the cost of expensive printing and finishing equipment. Avoid the ongoing maintenance and labor costs required to run a print center. Save additional costs by leveraging postal sorting and cleansing operations.

  • Flexibility

    Designate where all of your payments will be delivered through pre-defined instructions. Grouping payments destined for various locations is as easy as designating the carrier for each location.

Payments Advising

The delivery of comprehensive information is a key to effective accounts payable management. With PSS’s Payments Advising solution, your suppliers and business partners will spend less time attempting to track invoices leading to stronger credit relationships, goods forwarded earlier and less time spent having to answer payee queries on the status of the payments.

No exchange of principal amounts takes place. The agreement will stipulate:

  • PSS’s payments advising service offers comprehensive and real-time payments advising capability to customers’ designated recipients.
  • A customer only needs to specify the advising recipients and advising information during the payment creation process on PSS, and then the advice will be transmitted automatically in a straight-through processing mode.

Benefits of Payment Advising

  • Improve productivity by integrating the payment initiation and the advising services.
  • Save operational cost in payment reconciliation and auditing purposes.
  • Improve efficiency in payment advising across different channels.